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Meitu Yunxiu

One-stop AI smart photo editing software launched by Meitu Xiuxiu


Meitu Yunxiu is a one-stop AI retouching solution specially created by Meitu for the commercial photography industry. It is an AI smart computer software that can perform one-click refinement on commercial portrait photography pictures in batches. It is easy to use, It only needs simple operation to complete high-quality portrait refinement. It is a powerful tool for commercial retouching and portrait post-production, helping you to produce high-quality and stable batches of films.

Compared with the efficiency of traditional Photoshop retouching, it can output tens of thousands of basic retouched pictures every day, while retouchers can only complete about a hundred refined pictures per day for single retouching with PS.

Meitu Yunxiu has a microdermabrasion function that preserves skin texture, and can complete complex neutral gray microdermabrasion and high and low frequency microdermabrasion with one click. Meitu Cloud Repair also supports functions such as AI repair, tooth beautification, facial features adjustment, skin tone adjustment, body beauty, makeup adjustment, one-click imitation makeup, pure color background blemish removal, etc. It supports the import of Raw format files and provides a variety of one-click presets. Settings and filters, so that everyone can easily get started with AI editing blockbusters.

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