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Build a large language model platform for AI products


Cohere is a platform that provides large language models to help developers and enterprises build high-performance AI products. The platform mainly provides services such as AI-driven search text (multilingual embedding, neural search, search ranking), classified text, and generated text, which can help enterprises quickly deploy conversational AI chatbots, generative search engines, text summarization, enhanced Vector retrieval, etc.

On May 3, Cohere received US$250 million in financing, and its current valuation is about US$2 billion. Investors include Saleforce, Nvidia, Index Ventures, etc. The company’s co-founder, Aidan Gomez, is one of the authors of the “Attention Is All You Need” paper, which proposes the Transformer architecture adopted by large language models such as GPT.

Cohere provides a Playground for users to try, if you are interested, you can visit and try it out. In addition, Cohere also launched LLM University, a course for learning large language models, which can help you understand the basics of large language models and their architecture.

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