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TME Studio

Smart music creation assistant launched by Tencent Music


TME Studio is an AI music generation tool launched by Tencent Music Entertainment Company, which is jointly built by its subsidiaries Galaxy Sound, MUSE, Tianqin Lab and Tencent AI Lab to help music lovers and make creation easier. The smart music assistant currently offers the following AI features:
Musical separation. Based on deep learning technology, upload any song, separate and extract the voice and drum, bass, guitar, piano and other instruments in the song.
MIR computing. Through artificial intelligence and signal processing, the content of music is understood and analyzed, and the information of sampling rate, bit depth, BPM, rhythm, beat, tonality, chord progression, drum recognition, chorus recognition and so on is extracted. Through deeper identification and analysis, more high-level information contained in music can be mined, and more intelligent music tools can be created to make the machine understand your music better.
Help write words. Tencent Music · Tianqin Lab launched a lyric-writing tool, through the analysis of TME full song library lyrics and prose, poetry and other materials, according to the intelligent recommendation algorithm to help you find the right rhyme words, open the inspiration space.
Intelligent music score. Based on deep learning neural network algorithm, generate intelligent guitar score for massive songs, just upload music, you can play the song you want to play.

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