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Zhihui design

The intelligent design platform launched by Tencent makes content more exciting


Zhihui Design is a multi-scenario intelligent design platform launched by Tencent, which provides unique AI creative creation functions, including intelligent portrait and product cutout, style animation, intelligent erasing pen, intelligent multi-size, intelligent color matching, etc.
AI special functions of Zhihui Design:
Create in seconds. From selecting templates to editing copy, you can create pictures with one click within seconds; millions of high-quality genuine materials and a powerful and excellent online editing experience help you create efficiently.
Smart cover. One-click intelligently generates exquisite covers to help news information, knowledge articles, short videos, live broadcasts, teaching courses and other content be more eye-catching and improve click-to-conversion effects.
AI video editing. Intelligent video generation with one click helps e-commerce sellers, novel promotion, growth launch and other scenarios to quickly produce advertising video materials in batches.
Smart cutout. Separate the main content in the image with one click, and can identify people, animals, products, animation characters, etc. with hair-level precision, so you can cut out pictures without asking for help.
Animation of portraits. Generate personalized two-dimensional animation images with one click, supporting a variety of comic styles, which can be cute or cute

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