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Animation and digital human intelligence generation platform


Relying on AI technology, the Laihua platform supports the generation of exclusive digital people in one minute, greatly reducing the production threshold and production costs. No expensive and professional wearable equipment is required, and everyone can easily have their own digital person.
Laihua platform has launched 5 different digital human styles, including American realistic Q, Chinese realistic Q, trendy figure style, realistic beauty style, and 2D ultra-realistic digital human. You can freely adjust height, weight, hairstyle, face shape, facial features, etc. Parameters to achieve refined customization.
The massive and rich material library can also support various dress-ups, hairstyles, accessories, clothes, props, etc., which can be matched at will; it supports different character actions and different scenes to fully display your own style and personality.
Laihua Digital People can generate a variety of fun dynamic expression packs; you can quickly generate exclusive digital person business cards to instantly add points to your social image; you can give your digital people a unique and permanent “Yuanverse ID Card”; You can also “dance with friends” on the Metaverse stage or show.

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