Caiyun Xiaomeng
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Caiyun Xiaomeng

The intelligent AI story writing tool launched by Caiyun Technology.


Caiyun Xiaomeng is an intelligent writing AI assistant launched by Caiyun Technology (the team behind Caiyun Weather and Caiyun Xiaoyi). You only need to provide a beginning, and AI will help you create a story. You can freely define the background and world setting of the story, play the role of it, and chat with other characters. You can also choose the world you are interested in in Xiaomeng World Square, and play your favorite role. At the same time, you can also contribute your own created world to Xiaomeng World Square, and experience the world and world you created together with others. Role. In addition, you can use its AI continuation function to allow you to continue writing your favorite novels and stories, providing different versions of continuation styles. At present, Caiyun Xiaomeng provides web version and mobile APP, and you can choose the corresponding terminal to access.

Caiyun Xiaomeng 

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