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AIGC original content creation and marketing copy generation.


Kuaiwen CopyDone is the first artifact in China that focuses on AI marketing creation launched by Bitou Technology. This tool focuses on the generation of marketing content. It uses AI-based content creation mode to make product marketing visible and effectively improve content creators. work efficiency.
The tool currently provides 3 modes of marketing content creation:

  • AI marketing copywriting. Intelligently generate massive marketing copywriting, which can adapt to the styles of various domestic and overseas marketing platforms, cover a wide range of product types, and get massive copywriting and creative inspiration with one click.
  • AI marketing map. It is difficult to match copywriting with pictures, want to innovate but worry about the risk of infringement? Use AI marketing map, intelligently understand the core content of copywriting, and generate copywriting map in real time, which is unique and can be used after copying.
  • AI marketing video. CopyDone integrates the intelligent generation capabilities of text, pictures, audio and video multi-modal content. It only takes a few minutes to generate short videos online. It is suitable for multi-platform promotion such as Douyin and Kuaishou.

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