Adobe’s latest AI image generation tool.On March 21, Adobe unveiled an idea generation AI model called Adobe Firefly, which, similar to DALL-E or Midjourney, can generate images on demand using only text prompts. Adobe said the model was trained only on licensed or uncopyrighted content, not work from internet artists.
Adobe Firefly
In its official Twitter, Adobe claimed that its mission is to better help all kinds of creative people change the way they imagine, create and work, so Adobe Firefly was launched:

Adobe Firefly is a new family of idea-generating AI models that offers new ways to ideate, create, and communicate while dramatically improving creative workflows.

Adobe, which is also a creator, sees Adobe Firefly as a way to complement their creative process with text-based image generation and editing.

While Adobe Firefly will eventually consist of multiple models, its first model was trained on Adobe Stock, as well as publicly licensed and public domain content whose copyright has expired.

Adobe Firefly is currently available as a standalone beta for user feedback. Based on subsequent feedback, Adobe next plans to introduce Firefly into Adobe Express and AEM, and launch more creative applications.

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