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Microsoft's artificial intelligence AI graphic design tool.


Part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Designer is a tool for creating graphic designs of any kind, from logos and invitations to blog banners and social media posts. You may have designed similar elements in Canva, Fotor, Figma or other graphic design software before, but Microsoft Designer is smarter.
The difference between Microsoft Designer and other design tools is that it uses OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 technology. It’s an artificial intelligence that allows you to create images and artwork by entering a textual description of what you want. This feature will help you find unique graphics for your projects, and thanks to the advanced technology, the created images are very realistic. You can also use your own images and built-in design tools to fully customize your visuals. With templates, shapes, photos, icons, text styles, and color themes, you can explore different looks and get the exact design that fits your project.
How to Qualify for Microsoft Designer
Since its launch in December 2022, Microsoft Designer needs to pass a waiting list to qualify for use. You can add your email address to the list and once you have been granted access, you will be emailed instructions to log in.
The current preview doesn’t include all planned features, but Microsoft is seeking feedback from those who have preview access to improve the tool before it becomes generally available. Microsoft Designer will then be available as a free app for Microsoft 365 Personal and Home users, with optional premium features. Microsoft also plans to integrate Designer with Microsoft Edge. Hopefully for Edge users in
Help when designing social media posts and other items for websites they visit in their browsers.
How to use Microsoft Designer
When you log into Microsoft Designer, you will see Designer Copilot. This tool helps you create your first visuals using AI-generated images, your own images, or a blank canvas.

Just enter the visual you want to create in the input box, like An Instagram post about my cosmetic product launch on April 1st. Then click Generate, and Microsoft Designer will automatically typeset the design. You can also click AI Generate image to generate the elements you want.

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