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Luma AI

AI-based 3D capture, modeling and rendering tools.


AI-based 3D capture, modeling and rendering tools.
Luma AI is an artificial intelligence-based 3D capture, modeling and rendering tool designed to help users create realistic, high-quality 3D objects, you can directly use your iPhone to create incredibly realistic 3D with AI .
No matter where you are, you can use Luma AI to easily capture products, objects, scenery and scenes. Create cinematic product videos from your captures, create impossible camera moves for TikTok, or just relive the moment. No need for lidar or fancy capture devices, all you need is an iPhone 11 or newer.
Features of Luma AI:

Capture 3D scenes with intricate details, reflections and lighting and share them with others.
Capture products in 3D and show them how they look in real life on your website.
Capture 3D game assets in high quality and import them into Blender, Unity or the 3D engine of your choice.

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