JTAG dump NOR-Zettier’s chain diagram

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JTAG dump NOR-Zettier’s chain diagram

JTAG dump NOR-Zettier's chain diagram

Content introduction

In this practical guide, the author takes an in-depth look at the technical process of using JTAG to dump parallel NOR flash memory, a storage medium commonly used in embedded devices and IoT systems. This guide stands out by providing a step-by-step method to identify flash memory, ensure the security of the device before proceeding, and utilize specific tools such as TopJTAG Probe and UrJTAG for communication. The complexity of correctly mapping and setting up pins is highlighted as a critical step in the process. Additionally, the guide provides insights into post-dump analysis using tools such as hexedit, binwalk, and dd, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in hardware hacking or data recovery. The proposed method is highly regarded for its speed and affordability, attracting both hobbyists and professionals who wish to read parallel NOR flash memory without using expensive or complex equipment.

Automatic summary

– Introduced the method of using JTAG to read and dump parallel NOR flash memory.
– Parallel NOR flash memory is a storage medium with random access capabilities.
– The model number and pin layout of the parallel NOR flash memory can be confirmed by googling and finding the data sheet.
– Before using JTAG, equipment needs to be checked and tested to ensure compatibility.
– Use tools such as TopJTAG Probe or UrJTAG to communicate with the device and read flash data.
– The read flash data can be further analyzed and extracted using tools such as binwalk.
– This method is a fast, cheap and simple way to read parallel NOR flash data.

Original link: https://zetier.com/news/jtag-chain-diagram-to-dump-nor/

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